Max Mineral Transition - Premix

A transition cow vitamin and mineral supplement to aid in the prevention of milk fever, maintain immune response and benefit subsequent re-breeding.


Max Mineral Transition ensures that the correct levels of vitamins and minerals are available to the cow over the transition period, which commences around 2 weeks prior to calving. This aids in the physiological and hormonal adaptation required to prevent metabolic disease, such as milk fever, and maintain immune integrity.

Nutritional Benefits

Using anionic salts in combination with a vitamin D metabolite, Close – Up HyD® is proven to have beneficial effects in hormonal and physiological adaptation of the cow to mobilise calcium, reducing the risks of milk fever. Providing the essential minerals and vitamins during this crucial period reduces the risks of metabolic disease, has a beneficial impact on subsequent re-breeding and is important in maintaining immune function.

Feeding Recommendations

Feed two weeks prior and up to calving. Mix Max Mineral Transition premix with on farm feeds at a rate of 160g per cow per day.

Note: Do not commence dosing more than 2-3 weeks prior to expected calving date. Do not administer to other livestock. Discontinue use after calving. Do not administer to lactating cows. Do not feed for more than 21 days.

Nutritional Information
• Vitamin Premix
• Close-Up HyD®
• Selenium
• Cobalt
• Iodine
• Zinc
• Actigen®
• Bovatec®

Max Mineral Transition contains Bovatec®
Bovatec® is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997

Available in 25kg bags.