Nutrinza P8 Testimonial

Tim Montgomerie, Cambridge Waikato

Located near Cambridge in the Waikato, dairy farmer Tim Montgomerie is no stranger to feeding supplements that assist him to optimise productivity and profitability. Milking 400 cows that are currently producing 2.0kgMS/cow, Tim is presently feeding 1 kg each of maize silage and palm kernel and adds the Nutrinza supplied lactose to these feeds after they are placed in the feed trough.

“Once the solid feeds are in the bin I hook up a 1000 litre tank that is filled with Nutrinza P8 to my front- end-loader and pour it across the top of the maize and palm kernel. They took to the P8 immediately and I have had no issues. I started feeding the lactose in early August and find it convenient and cost effective and it fits into my system well” says Tim.